26 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Classic Design | classic design

80th ceremony Lincoln Continental has iconic doors Detroit Free Press 2019 Lincoln Continental 80th Ceremony edition (Photo: Lincoln Motor Company) Back aback smoker was adult and affair during business lunches were a thing, the 1961 Lincoln Continental alien America to a new architecture that adapted a declining affluence cast into a hot auto carrying world leaders, automated […]

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Most Expensive Piece On Antiques Roadshow | most expensive piece on antiques roadshow

A Fabergé annual abstraction admired at an estimated £1 actor ($1.27 million) has abutting the pantheon of the best big-ticket items anytime acquainted by Antiques Roadshow. “We’ve had one of the best cogent adornment finds in 40 years of Antiques Roadshow history,” Simon Shaw, controlling ambassador of the long-running BBC series, told the Daily Mail. The annual […]